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Exercise Bike Model List

If your Exercise Bike is not listed here, we'll make you a custom adaptor
 - just email or call.

Purchase the adaptor kit here

Please note the model of exercise bike in the comments area of the order form.

Need help?  Give us a call.


Exercise Bike Adaptor

Advanti 880 (made in New Zealand)

Universal 3-Hole

Apex 330U AllPro Universal 3-Hole
Athlon Upright Universal 3-Hole
BH 676E Universal 3-Hole
Body Fit model #BF1510  Universal 3-Hole
Body Fit model #EXC910 Universal 3-Hole
Columbia Model 2400 Custom Adaptor - Call Us
DP Air Advantage Universal 4-Hole
DP AirCisor Universal 4-Hole
DP Fit for Life Airgometer Universal 4-Hole
DP Prime Fit 6100 Universal 4-Hole
DP Sit for Life Aircizer Universal 4-Hole
DP Vitamaster MD193 Universal 4-Hole
Excel 325 Magnetic Universal 3-Hole
Exertec Magnetic Fitness Bike Universal 3-Hole
Extreme Performance Evolution Model EB 455 Universal 3-Hole
Fitness Quest Edge 327 Universal 3-Hole
Fitness Quest Edge 329u (Upright) Universal 3-Hole
Fitness Quest Edge 385 Universal 4-Hole
Fitness Quest Edge 386 Universal 4-Hole
Fitness Quest Edge 470 Universal 4-Hole
Fitness Quest New Balance 6.0 Universal 4-Hole
Giant Revive Custom Adaptor - Call Us
Horizon 300 Universal 3-Hole
Horizon Fitness BSC2 Universal 3-Hole
Keys CardioMax 520 Universal 3-Hole
Keys Fitness 560 Universal 4-Hole
Life Fitness - LifeCycle 4500  Universal 4-Hole
Life Fitness - LifeCycle 5500HR Universal 4-Hole
Life Fitness - LifeCycle HR Universal 4-Hole
Life Fitness 6500 HR Universal 4-Hole
Life Fitness 9500HR Universal 4-Hole
Life Fitness 9500HRR Universal 4-Hole
Life Fitness C7i Universal 4-Hole or Universal 3-Hole  Call Customer Service
Life Fitness C9i Universal 4-Hole
Life Cycle Life Fitness Model C35 Universal 3-Hole
Life Fitness Essential UT4  Universal 3-Hole
Life Gear Universal 3-Hole
Linex 3.20 Universal 3-Hole
Linex 360 Universal 3-Hole
Marcy Fan Cycle Universal 3-Hole
Mazey PL 200  Universal 3-Hole
Nordic 9600 Universal 4-Hole
Nordic SL705 Universal 4-Hole
NordicTrack SL528 Universal 4-Hole
NordicTrack SL700 Universal 4-Hole
Performa Space Saver model #PFE-72061 Universal 4-Hole
Precor M8.2E/L Custom Adaptor - Note Precor on order form
Precor M8.5 Custom Adaptor - Note Precor on order form
ProForm (Most Models - except 770s) Universal 4-Hole
ProForm 770s Universal 4-Hole
ProSport Universal 3-Hole
Pro-Sport 560 Universal 3-Hole
Pro-Sport Ergomaster 595 Universal 3-Hole
Raleigh Accufit 2000 Universal 3-Hole
Raleigh Accufit, 60mm x 72mm Universal 3-Hole
Raliegh Accufit 1500  Universal 3-Hole
Reebok RT445 Universal 4-Hole
Schwinn AirDyne Universal 4-Hole
Schwinn DX900 Universal 4-Hole
Stamina 15-0880A Universal 3-Hole
Stamina 7000 Universal 3-Hole
Stamina 890 Universal 3-Hole
Tectrix Universal 4-Hole
Tectrix BikeMax Universal 4-Hole
Tunturi (All Models except - 303E, F300) Universal 3-Hole
Tunturi 303E Universal 4-Hole
Tunturi 702E Universal 3-Hole
Tunturi Amerec Universal 3-Hole
Tunturi Ergometer Universal 3-Hole
Tunturi F300 Custom Adaptor - Note Tunturi F300 - Custom on order form
Tunturi Protrainer Universal 3-Hole
Universal Fitness PL-2008-1 Universal 3-Hole
Vital Fitness MB255 Universal 3-Hole
Vital Fitness MB285 Universal 3-Hole
VitaMaster 380 Universal 4-Hole
VitaMaster Air Challenge Universal 4-Hole
VitaMaster Fitness R-9861-A.   Universal 4-Hole
VitaMaster Whisper Air Universal 4-Hole
Weslo Pursuit 2.0 DS Model # WLEX 0901.0  Universal 3-Hole
Weslo Pursuit 310CS Universal 4-Hole
Weslo Pursuit 330 Universal 4-Hole
Weslo Pursuit 350 Universal 4-Hole
Weslo Pursuit 4.0 DX Universal 4-Hole
WESLO WLEX11040 Universal 4-Hole


Buy an Adaptor Kit with
your choice of Seat and Save!
Already have a Seat, 
Buy the Adaptor Kit separately.

 If your Exercise bike is not listed here, 
We'll make you a custom adaptor for your Exercise bike.

Ready to purchase the adaptor kit?

 Choose by adaptor shape - here

See the adaptor kit installation instructions - here

Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!


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