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Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!


Get help choosing an exercise bike seat or cover.

If you want a wider seat on your exercise bike choose the 11" or 12" seats.

For spinning classes, try the Lycra wide or medium covers.

Want 2" of thick gel padding on your exercise bike seat?  Try the GelTec Padded Seat Cover.

Need to relieve groin numbness, try one of our doctor recommended "Relief Seats".

If you want to put your own seat, or get one you have already tried, get an adaptor and use any bike seat you want on your exercise bike.

Exercise Bike Seats

Seat Pad Covers

Toll Free (855) 855-1976    info@exercisebikeseats.org 

Choose the right exercise bike.
Exercise bikes come in many different styles.  Spinner bikes are for very active individuals involved in classes and are designed to fit all shapes and sizes.  A stationary and an upright bike is an excellent way to start getting into shape.  The best thing about these is one can stay at home and exercise in front of the TV.  Keep in mind that while searching for a bike, NEVER buy one that is the wrong size.

Pick the correct style of seat.
One of the major problems facing bicyclists is their backside... more specifically, what they sit on.  Your seat must fit the type of riding your doing and also your anatomy.

The industry calls them "saddles," not "seats."  The reason for this is a "seat" is something you sit on, and is designed to bear essentially your entire weight.  A saddle is intended to carry some, but not all of your weight.  The rest of your weight is mainly carried by your legs, and some by your hands and arms.  Your local bike shop may have a new device to measure sit-bone width.

The faster you ride, the more likely it is you’ll want a narrow, racing-style seat.  Although, a narrow seat fits right inside the sit bones, it puts pressure on nerves, blood vessels and soft tissue and many riders suffer numbness for this reason.  As you ride more casually, most of your weight is planted directly on the seat.  A wider heavily padded seat is an ideal way to support your weight and provide more cushion.  Also another factor to keep in mind is that if you have a wide pelvis, you'll want a seat with a wide rear sitting area.

As you make your purchases, the company you buy from should have a minimum 30 day trial period and return policy.   Don’t just head out and mindlessly pedal along.  Take your time, shift your weight from side to side, stand occasionally.  This will relieve the pressure on your backside and get a whole new set of muscles working.

Our Seats
Our 11" wide and the 12" wide seats are much thicker and durable compared to the competition!!  They have adjustable coil springs on the underside to help smooth out the bigger thumps and bumps.  Our universal design allows this and all of our saddles to be mounted to any bicycle.  Our Easy Seat dual pad has a seat that is doctor recommended that has two individual cups support and protects the pressure points of the body alleviating chaffing, pain and numbness.

In addition to our seats, we offer four choices of specially designed padded seat covers.  One cushion features a surface layer of our unique low-profile Celliplex™ waffle gel with a Faux Sheepskin Cover.  If you are looking for a Lycra covered Deluxe GelTech, we offer three sizes with shock absorbing gel padding to help minimize rider fatigue, with waterproof neoprene outer cover, drawstring and non-slip interior which help keep cover in place.

If you need help choosing a seat or cover, give us a call and talk with your personal representative, email us, or see below for more information.

Toll Free: (855) 855-1976
Outside the US: (406) 662-0036

E-mail:  info@exercisebikeseats.org


Our sales office is located in Rexford and Eureka, Montana.  
Our seat adaptors are proudly made in our workshop in Montana.


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